Dyfi Enduro 2017 – Ride Times

Ride times

Ride Times are now available as a .pdf file and can be downloaded HERE

(First Dyfi Enduro, then Dyfi Enduro Bach, then Route Unknown and DNF riders)
This year we had a starting mat reading timing chips as they crossed the official start line. This allows us to offer riders 2 times:
Gun – Is your total ride time from the 11am official start to crossing the finish line.
Start – Is your total ride time from crossing the start line until crossing the finish line.
TOD – The Time Of Day you crossed the finish line

Riders who did not cross the official start line are not offered times in the event


This year, riders took part in one of 2 separate route events, the Dyfi Enduro (Long Route) or the Dyfi Enduro Back (Short Route) events. Riders were allowed to switch between events before the event but there was no on-course option to change as there were multiple split points. For this reason, riders who signed up for the long route and then rode a mix of long/short sections will be allocated to a ‘Route Unknown’ class as it is impossible for us to know their exact distance.


Errors & Corrections

As always we would like to stress that timing an event such as the Dyfi Enduro is an imperfect science, we do not have the resources or technology to monitor riders every move (nor would we want it). The Dyfi Enduro is, and always has been a NON COMPETITIVE event where riders take on the superb challenges that the Dyfi Forest has to offer, not each other. While we make every effort to ensure our timing is as accurate as possible, both equipment and human errors can occur.

Where enough information exists we will endeavour to correct times or insert times where we can.
If you think your timing is incorrect or missing, please contact us BY EMAIL mail@dyfievents.com with as much information as you have (maybe you have a GPS log file or rode the event with another rider who’s number you know?). Any timing change requests will be processed around a week after the event.


Event Images

Will be posted in a day or two on robbarkerimages.com we will send an email and post on social media to let everyone know when they have been uploaded.


Event T-shirts

If you pre-ordered before 3rd April these will be posted on to you in the next few days. If you pre-ordered after this date or at the event your shirts will be printed in a 2nd batch that will be sent on in around a week’s time. If you didn’t order a shirt but would like one they will still be available to order from the howies website for a few days. You will find a link in the Event Information email we sent out a week before the event.

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