Dyfi Enduro 2020 – Refund request procedure

Details of the refund request process have now been sent to all email addresses associated with EVENTBRITE ORDERS for the 2020 Dyfi Enduro – Each individual participant does not need to request a refund, this should be done once for each order number by the person who made the original order only. Refunds must be for the entire order value, partial refund of an order is not an option. If you made multiple orders (say, ordered tickets on one order then went back and made another order, paying again for camping) you will need to request a refund for each order using the request form multiple times. 

You can access full information about the cancellation and how to request a refund HERE and the refund request form can be found HERE

Order numbers can be found by logging into Eventbrite and clicking the “orders” tab. Refund requests must be made by midnight on 19th April. Refunds will begin processing on Monday 20th April and may take up to 7 days (please note, individual bank processing can add an additional 5 days). Beyond this date, all remaining orders that are not refunded will automatically be carried over to the 2021 event. 

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