Fox Antifreeze Coed y Brenin

The Fox Antifreeze is a multi lap, chip timed, staggered start mountain bike endurance challenge staged at Coed y Brenin Forest Park, North Wales.  

12/13th March 2022


2022 Event Images – Now uploaded!

Event images are now available

Click here for Sunday’s Antifreeze 

Click here for Sarturday’s Jr Antifreeze



The first release of ride times for the 2022 Antifreeze is now available.



Let’s call this V1 of the ride times, we haven’t yet had the chance to update rider swap names that have occurred since the boards were printed so these lists will display the rider name that was printed on the board. However, rather than wait until we have processed these we thought we would post them now as we know everyone will be keen to see the times. 


Our timing system is very reliable but unfortunately still operated by human beings, so there is always the chance of occasional errors in processing. We keep all our raw timing data so we can investigate and correct any issues or omissions and will update and revise timing data in a day or two. 


Please don’t panic, it is very likely that we have all the data and it is just a processing issue. Send us an email to with the details and we will look into it and make the correction as soon as we can. We tend to do revisions, rider swaps, name spelling corrections etc in batches so its usually best to check back the next day.   


We’l post here and send an email as soon as the event photos have been uploaded, (At the point of writing this, 9.30pm on the evening of the event, our poor, hard working photographer Rob Barker is stuck in traffic trying to make his way home to Cornwall).  We’ll also share a few of the best on social media so keep your eyes peeled. 


Antifreeze 2022 ride times (ordered by last name) – .pdf file

Antifreeze 2022 ride times (ordered by board number) – .pdf file

Fox Antifreeze Coed y Brenin

Shake off your winter slumber

What better way to launch into the 2022 riding year than a proper trail shakedown at the UK’s original trail centre. The Fox Antifreeze brings a mix of the best all-weather trails that Coed y Brenin has to offer in a fun packed mash up route that will lift the chills of winter and leave you grinning from ear to ear. 

The location: Coed y Brenin

The Uk’s original trail centre provides the perfect base for the event. It’s all weather trails provide superb riding on true all weather trails. Dive into the finest tree lined Snowdonia singetrack and take on challenging rocky descents. Coed y Brenin boasts a vast trail network with spectacular views of the southern Snowdonian mountains. Coed y Brenin’s Visitor Centre offers a range of facilities including a cafe and bike wash and there’s a well stocked bike shop to cater for all your mountain biking needs.

The Format

Riders love the staggered start format of the event. It provides a relaxed and enjoyable event, reduces bottle necks on course and removes the stress of a mass start. It also gives us a format that reduces the need for riders to congregate and therefore significantly lowers Covid transmission risks. With the return of the event in 2022, we’ll be introducing a few small changes to make the event even safer and this will include the issuing of individual start-group times slots to remove the need for riders to congregate at sign on.  We’ll also have a new event sign-on process that will make sign-on and number board collection even quicker, simpler and safer.  

Choose your challenge

What’s your distance, 12km, 24km, 36km? Each lap of the course is around 12km and all riders get can choose their route distance on the day by simply riding 1, 2 or 3 laps of the course. When you finish and exit the course our timing system will allocate your lap times to the correct event distance category. 


With riders starting, lapping and finishing right in front of the visitor centre, directly below the cafe balcony. There’s music pumping and a real buzz of activity at the event hub with a great atmosphere as riders pass the timing point receiving encouragement from spectators and finishers as they choose whether or not to ride “Another lap?”.  

Come rain or shine, the trails are calling…

The event has seen all weather from glorious sunshine to snow but the sheltered treelined slopes and all-weather trails of Coed y Brenin Forest Park offer guaranteed MTB action. 

Whatever the weather, you can be sure of a warm welcome, great company, a relaxed atmosphere and world-class trails to ride. The event is a great way to start your MTB year so don’t wait too long if you are thinking of entering as its sold out all its entry places every year since it’s creation.

Planned start and sign on times

These will be confirmed in the final joining information that entrants will receive via email around a week prior to the event but will also be available from this page but the planned times are as follows:

Saturday – Sign on for Sunday’s Fox Antifreeze will be open on Saturday morning from 9.30am to mid day. 

Sunday – Sign on for the Fox Antifreeze will be open from 8am to 9.30am

Fox Antifreeze event start will be open from 10am to 11.15am on the day of the event – Sunday 13th March 2022. 

Sign-on usually takes place in the room above the bike shop but may take place outdoors in another location this year if the weather is favourable. 

PLEASE NOTE – These times are provisional and will be confirmed in the entrant joining information that will be available around 1 week prior to the event. 

EVENT START – As an additional Covid measure to help spread the flow of riders through the start area we will be issuing start group time slots. This will be a narrower intended target start time window for your number. There is flexibility and more will be explained in the joining information.  



E-Bikes are permitted to ride the Fox Antifreeze (ebike = motor assisted pedal bike, pedelec) under the following conditions:  (1) The bike must be a UK road legal pedelec (must not be chipped, de-redistricted, re-mapped or modified in any way) and (2) The rider must declare on entry and at sign-on that they will be riding an eBike in the event. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO BIKE CHARGING FACILITIES ARE AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT. WE RESTRICT RIDERS TO A SINGLE BATTERY ONLY. 


Junior Antifreeze

Jr Antifreeze is a non-timed challenge ride that is open to kids 8 to 14years who must be accompanied on the ride by a parent or guardian. The event offers 2 route distances (TBC) and will be run, weather permitting. The event is free to enter and every child who completes the challenge gets a little reward for their efforts. 

The Jr Antifreeze will take place on the Saturday (12th March 2022). It is free to enter but spaces are limited so we advise an early sign up. Open to children 8 – 14yrs old who must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian (the parent/guardian must remain with the child entrant at all times during the ride).

There will be 2 distance options, an easier route of around 7.5-10km and a more challenging route of around 12-14km .

Final times for the Jr Antifreeze will be confirmed in the week prior to the event but planned times are as follows:

Sign on will be from 9.30am

Course start will be open to riders from 10.30 – 12.

You must sign on and collect a number board before starting but are then free to begin your ride at any time the course start remains open. All child entrants must remain accompanied by their adult parent/guardian at all times during the ride

Further details on the Jr Antifreeze event will be sent to signed-up participants when these are confirmed with finial joining information sent out via email and available from this page around 1 week prior to the event. 


  "A great day's riding on great trails" - Richard Jones  

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