The Beast Unchained

You’ve tackled the Coed y Brenin Beast, it’s time to break free of the trail centre borders and face The Beast Unchained!



After careful consideration and thought we have taken the decision not to run the Coed y Brenin Beast Unchained event in 2020. The event usually takes place late September/early October each year and offers riders from across the UK the chance to take on a timed endurance challenge over a route that includes the best trails found in and around Coed y Brenin forest park.

The Covid19 pandemic has meant that we need to adjust many of our event operational procedures, implementing new working and safety practices to ensure participation can happen with the lowest possible risks to staff and participants. While mountain biking will never be an entirely risk-free activity, we remain committed to ensure that our events are as safe and enjoyable as possible for their participants. For us this means undertaking an in-depth review of all our events, allowing time to properly prepare and implement any necessary adjustments to adapt to our ‘new normal’.

Events of the type we organise are currently still restricted and even though we may see these restrictions lifted before the event date, we could not easily plan for the evet without knowing more about when and how restrictions will be lifted. Furthermore, to plan and prepare for the event to run in 2020 would involve significant financial commitment that, should the event be unable to run in 2020, could threaten its viability for future years.

While it seems wise to make this decision we are extremely disappointed to make this announcement. The event has grown and changed over the years but one constant has always been the energy and spirit of those who have taken part and we will be extremely sad not to see the smiling faces at the finish line this year. In particular we’ll miss the determined young riders of the Mini Beast Challenge (formerly Nippers n’Rippers) who turn out rain or shine with the biggest smiles of all.

We hope everyone will be back to join us for the event in 2021, still riding strong and loving the trails of Coed y Brenin.

The Beast Unchained

The Beast Unchained is the new name for Trek Coed y Brenin Enduro. 

So why the name change? 

When we started out it was before the term ‘Enduro’ had its present meaning in mountain biking. We originally used the name for our first ‘Dyfi Enduro’ event back in 2001, borrowing the term from motorcycle Enduro endurance style events. Over recent years MTB Gravity Enduro has emerged as a discipline in it’s own right as a race endurance event with times downhill stages. Our events are not that, they are essentially XC trail challenges with an emphasis on quality trials of a slightly more technically demanding nature than you’d expect to be used in your average XC marathon. In fact, some of the trails we use are also used for MTB Enduro events but there are no timed DH ‘stages’ as you would expect to see in an MTB Enduro. You could say that our events provide a great stepping stone for those looking to take on the challenge of an MTB Enduro race in future or perhaps they are for those who like the idea of MTB Enduro but don’t much fancy the pressures of competition. 

We try to make our events fun and inclusive yet still provide routes that are suitably challenging in terms of distance and terrain.   

The Beast Unchained

2 route distances (45km, 30km)

Images from the 2018 Trek Coed y Brenin Enduro


The Beast Unchained is Coed y Brenin’s biggest challenge ride and the largest participation MTB event in the forest park’s annual calendar. We want to take you beyond the challenge of ‘The Beast’, venturing outside the confines of the trail centre on an epic ride that will test your skills and endurance. You’ll head north, into wilder country with views of spectacular mountain scenery of Southern Snowdonia before returning back to the tree covered rocky slopes of Coed y Brenin Forest park to delight in a hand picked selection of its best way marked trails (and a few you wont find on the trail map).  

The event is brought to you by the creators of the Dyfi Enduro and in partnership with the world’s greatest bike brand, Trek. The Beast Unchained fuses majestic big mountain scenery with superb forest singletrack in an awe-inspiring epic loop of trail riding. 

Choose your challenge (30km/45km):  The event offers multiple route distance options of increasing technical challenge. The 30km provides a good introduction to MTB trail challenge riding and great for those who would rather a more condensed ride, while the full Mega Beast 45km route offers a significant undertaking both in terms of distance and terrain for the more trail hardened rider. Expect tough climbs but also big rewards with some grin-enduing descents.  

The event is a timed non-competitive MTB challenge open to riders 14+ (Riders aged 14 & 15yrs must be accompanied by an adult parent of guardian aged 18+ and the parent must sign a waivers agreeing to remain with the child on the ride at all times) 

Mini-Beast kids MTB challenge


Our popular Nippers n’Rippers event has become the Mini-Beast Challenge. It’s free to enter and open to children aged from 4yrs (must be accompanied on the ride by a parent, guardian or responsible adult). Like the main event, the kids event also offered various route challenges of increasing distance and technical difficulty with a reward for all children who take part. In 2018 the event saw over 200 young riders take on the challenge and be rewarded with an event mug and hot chocolate. 

You can register your child for the event using the same link as the main event entries. There are 3 route options and very young or inexperienced riders may ride loop 1 of the Minortaur trail (3km) as part of the event (blue grade).

These is an  9km route – recommended for 6-12yr olds and novice child riders (on easy Blue grade trail) and a 11km route – recommended for 10-14yr olds or more experienced child riders (on a mix of Blue and Red graded trail). All children MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT PARENT OR GUARDIAN (age 18+) at all times when on course and will be required to complete a liability waiver stating this at sign on.

Please note: We now allow riders of 14 & 15years to enter the main event on agreement that they ride accompanied by an adult parent or guardian on course at all times with the adult parent/guardian taking full responsibility for the child’s safety. 


2018 Nippers n’Rippers Kids Enduro

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Changes to parking arrangements at Coed y Brenin have now come into effect. 

This means that we are no longer able to offer free parking with our events at Coed y Brenin. The landowners NRW have changed parking arrangements and a new number plate recognition enforcement system is now in operation on site. Full day parking is £7, payable prior to exit at the ticket machine outside the Visitor Centre main entrance. Parking ticket revenue is used to maintain trails at the centre and therefore plays an important role in ensuring that the trails remain in good shape.

No overnight parking is permitted.  Full parking information can be found at

Also on the event weekend:

The event is also attended by our event partners Trek who no doubt be bringing with them some drool-worthy new bikes and kit to display.  

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