Information and advice for riders of the Dyfi Enduro


The event comprises one timed loop start-finish, with riders who make the route split by the cut-off time given the option to extend their loop with a little further distance, climbing and descending. Think tough XC trail with some more demanding descents that might favour a bit of suspension travel.

The Dyfi enduro is not a race! Ride safely and with consideration for other riders and trail users at all times.

Event location: The event HQ & Camping is located in the town of Machynlleth

Event site location:  HERE 


The route

The route is a tough 52km* and for those who make it to the route split checkpoint before the cut off time, there is the option to add a (tough) extra loop that brings the total to 54* and adds significant extra climbing and descending.

*This total includes the additional distance from the event finish (in the forest) back to event HQ in Machynlleth.


Don’t skip the start

PLEASE NOTE – There is a timing mat at the event start to ensure all riders pass through the official start point. For safety reasons DO NOT JOIN THE EVENT PAST THE START POINT. Riders without a start mat read will be removed from the event.



The ride is long and challenging and we advise that riders are well prepared. Your bike should be in good working order and you should carry food & drink enough for the distance. We advise at minimum 2 spare tubes, pump and repair kit. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.



Ebikes (Electric assisted motorised pedal bicycles) are NOT PERMITTED to ride in the Dyfi Enduro. Please do not attempt to use an ebike in the event. 



The event finish is located in the forest, please be aware that once you cross the finish line you still have several miles further to ride to return to town.

With the event over, please make a leisurely return to town on the back road, the return route to town will be signposted.

When you return to the event HQ, don’t forget to collect your event mug.


Event Route 

We alter the route a little each year but all the old favourite sections of classic Dyfi Forest trail will be there. The event routes will be clearly signed with hazard warning and other notices for anything you need to be aware of. Please ride aware and observe warning notices. There will be other forest users about so please proceed with care and consideration at all times. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again, the Dyfi Enduro is NOT A RACE.

It’s a long tough ride, so please make sure you are packing food and water, along with a jacket and spare tubes. We have count down signs on route to let you know how far there is to go to the finish. If you make the route split before the cut-off you have the option of an extra 2k including one big climb, but is rewarded with a great extra descent.


Feed Station

As usual there will be a feed station at 2/3rds distance, stocked with snacks, water and energy drink. 


Marshals & First Aid

Marshals will be stationed at regular intervals along the route, each marshal is in contact via radio with rescue, first aid and base. There are mobile first aid stations in operation during the event. Please see the route map for the location of marshals and alert them if you have a medical emergency.



The Dyfi Forest is closed to vehicles from 7am to 7pm on the day of the event. Spectators should not attempt to bring vehicles into the forest to watch the event. Please observe and respect closure notices.


Signing on and number pick-up

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need to print eventbrite eTickets. Sign up and camping pass pickup is done by name details. However, attendees may be asked to produce current valid ID to confirm identity at sign on
Sign on will be located in the main Tent at Event HQ, camping passes can be collected on entry to the event field.


Event T Shirts

If you ordered an EVENT Tshirts it will be available for collection at sign-on. 


Sign On

Sign on opening times:

> Friday – 14.00 to 19.00
> Saturday – 07.30 until 10.15
Event Start Time:

Rider briefing at 10.50 am on the start line (for start location see site plan)

Event start is at  11.00am 


Bike Wash

[Bike wash info will be posted here soon, please check back]


Bar & Entertainment

The Twisted Crank Tavern will be open for drinks and light musical entertainment. Opening times will be posted to the site notice board and in the tavern itself. The event after-party will be Saturday night after the Enduro.


There will be a hot food stall serving meals, snacks, tea, coffee and cake available on site.

The event HQ and camping is also just a short walk from town where you will find shops, take away food, cafes and supermarket.


Event HQ & Camping


> No parking or waiting on site access roads or at any location that will obstruct access to entry/exit of the site.  

> Vehicle speed limit of 5mph is enforced in all locations on site and on entrance roads.

> No parking other than by authorised event team and contractor in the event team area of event HQ/venue area. 

> For reasons of fire safety Fires of any kind, barbecues (portable, disposable or gas) and gas heaters ARE PROHIBITED.

> Camping is permitted for paid campers only, a valid campsite VEHICLE PASS must be displayed in all vehicles accessing the camp site. Campers must show wrist band passes on request. Wrist bands and vehicle passes will be issued on entry to the campsite. Please give your name and details.

> Please make every effort to keep the site clear and tidy. Help us to reduce the impact of the event by disposing or waste and recycling wherever possible. Use the site Waste and Recycling points shown on the event plan.  

> If a fire, accident or other incident is spotted please act immediately in reporting it to a member of the event team. 

> Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a lead at all times while on site. Dog owners are responsible for clearing up dog waste and disposing of this promptly in an appropriate bin. 

> No parking other than by authorised event team and contractor in the area directly surrounding the event HQ/sign-on tent/cafe/food. 

> There is a QUIET AREA at the Southern end of the campsite (furthest from the entrance), please keep noise levels to a minimum. 11pm to 6am is a designated QUIET TIME – Please keep noise to a minimum everywhere during these hours. The movement of Vehicles on and off site is also prohibited during these hours.

> Reduction of E.Coli Risk – Please read and observe the information on the notices displayed.


SHOWERS – are available nearby. Please check location and opening hrs information displayed on the event notice boards and at sign-on/event HQ. You will need to show your camping wrist band for admittance to use showers. 

INFORMATION – If you require further information, please speak to on duty event staff/officials. There is an event information and control point located at Event Sign-On/Event HQ.



If a fire or other emergency should occur and it is necessary to evacuate the site you will hear a fire alarm sound. This will be followed by further instructions issued over the event PA or loud hailer. Please follow instructions and directions of safety marshals. If required, please exit the site on foot immediately by the nearest available exit. (The fire assembly point is the town car park).


Event Site Plan

[The event site plan will be posted here soon, please check back]


Helpful Advice

A quick roll round the block this is not. The event is a tough ride with many miles of climbing on forest fire road that are rewarded by superb singletrack descents that make this challenge worthy of the colossal effort involved in making it to the finish line. 

The ride is tough on it’s riders and tough on bikes so it’s essential to be well prepared in both of these departments.

Get your bike ready

Tip 1 – Service your bike!

A well serviced, well prepped bike is essential when taking on a challenge of this size. It’s a long ride and the remote areas of the route are a long way from help.

If your bike hasn’t had a good service in a while, now is the time. Summit Cycles always sees a lot of bikes booking in close to the date and as the weather is improving the workshop diary can get booked up fast so we recommend that if you are planning on booking your bike in for a service, you should do this as soon as possible. To help, we have booked out a number of workshop service slots each week on the run up to the event solely for the purpose of customers who will be riding the Dyfi Enduro to make sure they get priority. So when you book, make sure you tell us you will be riding in the event so that we can ensure you get a priority slot.

Checking condition of tyres, brake pads, wear on chain & cassette, bottom bracket and headset is essential as you really don’t want to be facing a major failure to any of these parts of the bike way out in the back of beyond. It could be a long, lonely walk home for something that was totally preventable with a little service work.


Pre event checks

Before the event it’s a good idea to do final checks and preparation to your bike.  Clean and thoroughly looking over everything for damage or wear. Pay particular attention to anything that has the potential to fail during the ride like damaged or worn tyres, frayed cables, worn chain or cassette, loose or notchy rotation at bottom bracket or headset.


Do the M check:


Get yourself ready

The Dyfi Enduro is a long ride that takes you deep into remote areas of the Dyfi forest and as riders need to be self sufficient, it’s good to be well prepared.


What to carry

These are the basic essentials we recommend you carry (NB: Helmets are compulsory):

> Bicycle pump (if you use CO2 then you need to carry a pump as a backup, it’s a long ride and very rocky in places, its not uncommon to have multiple punctures).

> Spare inner tubes – 2 minimum

> For riders with running tubeless you need tubless repair kit AND spare tubes & puncture kit.

> Puncture repair kit (for when you run out of spare tubes)

> Bike multi tool with chain link extractor (or multi tool and chain tool)

> Spare quick-link chain link for fixing a broken chain (be sure to get the right type for your chain).

> Food enough to fuel you for the long ride and extra in case you have a mechanical or other emergency that could result in a lot of standing around or a long walk home. Energy bars are a great choice as a compact energy source but on a long ride like this you may find yourself craving something different or more substantial. There is a well stocked feed station at around 3/4 distance but if you hit the wall before you get there it’s not much use. Think self sufficiency and you’ll be better prepared.

> The amount you need is dependent on conditions but its never good to run out. Many riders choose to use an electrolyte powder of tablet in their water to help prevent dehydration. Whatever you use, bottles or hydration pack, just make sure you have enough.

> Clothing: It’s a long day in the saddle. you’ll have long climbs and descents and the temperature between exposed hilltop and valley can be very different. It’s the UK so we can have 4 seasons in a day, sun, rain, wind, hail. Pack a good waterproof jacket for bad weather and spare warm clothing enough to cover you in case you have a mechanical or other emergency that might mean you are stood around for a while. What you choose to wear to ride on the day will be dependent on the outlook. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Carry backup clothing in case the weather gets worse.

> Protection: Helmet and gloves at a minimum must be worn. Check your helmet is in good condition without damage, fits and is adjusted well.

> Carry a watch or cycle computer to to monitor the time and your progress so you can adjust your ride plans accordingly.


Useful additions

> Tyre boot (for emergency repair to big cuts in tyres)

> Small emergency first aid kit.

> Compact emergency survival bag (for keeping warm in case of an accident).

> Mobile phone for making emergency calls. Be aware that phone cover on the route is limited. Should you have to make an emergency call you may not be able to do this from all locations.

> GPS (could be watch, cycle computer or a smartphone app) – You don’t really need this as the route is well waymarked and marshalled but in keeping with the self-sufficiency ethos of mountain biking, these are great modern tools for tracking your ride and can be helpful for providing location information.

> Warm hat. This is the ultimate luxury if you end up stuck with a broken bike for any length of time.

> Route map. Again not an essential but can be useful to refer to when you need to figure out your location or progress. The route map will be available to download from the event page a few days before the event.

And finally…


Write a check list. It’s a good idea to list of all the kit you need to take then tick things off as you pack them. We can’t tell you how often people forget things like shoes, pedals or helmet and as there is now no bike shop in town and no cycle retailers at the event there is no opportunity to replace these things in town at short notice.


Eat a good breakfast on the day of the event. The ride starts at 11am but you want to be signed on and ready in good time. Double check your gear and bike before you head to the start line and make any final adjustments that might be required.


After that, the most important thing to remember is to have a good time. The Dyfi Enduro is not a race but it is an enormous challenge so plan well, go easy and savour whats on offer. There will be highs and lows (quite literally) but if you and your bike are well prepared you’re far more likely to cross the finish line with a smile on your face.


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