Fox Antifreeze weather update

UPDATE: 25/2/2017 – 11am The weather here at Coed y Brenin is wet and windy today but the trails are open.  The Met Office Forecast for Coed y Brenin is currently predicting improving conditions over the next 24/48 hours so we expect the Antifreeze event to go ahead as planned.



There has been some rather windy weather overnight that have brought down a few trees at Coed y Brenin, some of these blocking access to the visitor centre and car parks.

We understand that a team is due on site to clear as soon as the wind abates to a safe level to do so.

We expect this to happen later today or some time tomorrow.

We are informed that due to the high winds and current lack of access, the trail network,  visitor centre and bike shop are closed until further notice.

The Met Office weather forecast for Coed y Brenin is currently showing no further weather warnings for Friday, Saturday or Sunday so our current expectation is that this weekends Fox Antifreeze event will go ahead as planned. We will continue to monitor the weather situation and remain in contact with Natural Resources Wales regarding current weather conditions and safety.

We will update here and on Facebook & Twitter if we have any further news.


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