picks Dyfi Enduro as one of the 9 best MTB events in the world

We were super excited when this one popped up in our browser, in December bike pages posted an article on the 9 best MTB events. The article featured a selection of notable event classics from across the mountain biking world, from far flung locations like Chile to known riding Mecca’s like British Columbia and the French Alps and California.

But we were delighted to see our very own Dyfi Enduro in among these great events.  The article praises the event for its atmosphere, challenge and pure fun factor.

It’s great to see the event selected for such praise alongside long running cornerstones of the MTB scene including the Megavalanche and the Downieville Classic.

This kind of recognition can only further the reputation of the Dyfi Forest as a world class mountain biking destination which is great news for the event and the local businesses that serve it.

You can read the full article here:



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