The Beast Unchained

The Beast Unchained is the new name for the event The Trek Coed y Brenin Enduro

Why the name change?

When we dreamed up this event, it was before the term ‘Enduro’ had its present meaning in mountain biking. We originally used the name for our first event, the ‘Dyfi Enduro’ way back in 2001, taking inspiration from motorcycle Enduro endurance events. In recent years however, MTB Gravity Enduro has emerged as a discipline in its own right and this endurance event with times downhill stages is quite different from what we offer. Our events are essentially XC trail challenges with an emphasis on quality riding of a slightly more technically demanding nature than you might expect from your average XC marathon. In fact, some of the trails we use are also used for MTB Enduro events but while the trail may be the same, we don’t have timed DH ‘stages’ in our events. Our events probably provide a great stepping stone for those looking to take on the challenge of an MTB Enduro race in future or may also appeal to those who like the idea of MTB Enduro but don’t much fancy the pressures of competition. Our emphasis is always on creating a fun, relaxed and inclusive event that offers the best trails you can lay your tyres on.



The Beast Unchained – Sunday 29th September

The Beast Unchained is the largest MTB event in Coed y Brenin’s calendar. This epic ride invites riders to venture beyond the challenge of ‘The Beast’, straying outside of the confines of the trail centre to test their skills and endurance in wilder country before returning to the tree covered rocky slopes of the forest park. The event offers multiple route distances of increasing technical challenge.


Mini Beast Challenge Saturday 28th September

The popular free-to-enter Nippers n’Rippers kids MTB event had become the Mini Beast challenge.
Young riders 4-14yrs can choose from 3 route distances of increasing challenge.

Full event info and entry link:


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