The Dyfi Enduro

The Dyfi Enduro is a mass start MTB endurance ride around the Dyfi Forest, Wales that first began in 2001.

The Dyfi Enduro

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The Dyfi Enduro, one of the best known and best loved UK endurance MTB events. The event earned its popularity from introducing riders to the Dyfi Forest, Wales via a single, punishing loop. It was called ‘Enduro’ at its very inception, borrowing the term from motorcross enduro, think tough XC trail with some more demanding descents that might favour a bit of suspension travel. The term has since gained a different meaning in mountain biking with the popularity of MTB ‘Enduro’ stage racing but the term stuck and became what the event was known as, so the name stayed.  

Originally designed to introduce riders from outside the area to the delights on offer for trail riding in the Dyfi Forest, the Dyfi Enduro has been offering up an epic adventure tour of the Dyfi Forest’s finest trails since 2001. The event set out from very humble beginnings with a handful of riders and a big idea and on its way it grew to be a 1000+ rider sell out event that spawned a whole riding community and brought riders from across the globe to the wilds of West Wales to enjoy some of Wales best mountain biking. 


The ride

The Dyfi Enduro or simply “The Dyfi” as it’s commonly known,  serves up a hand picked selection of the Dyfi Forest’s finest mountain biking. The route takes in big climbs and long flowing descents, endless skylines punctuated by mountain peaks and deep secluded valleys filled with tree lined singletrack.

There’s mud aplenty, rocks, roots, water and miles and miles of grin inducing descents that rattle your bones and turn the fun factor up to 11. Riders require a stout pair of legs and a temperament to match, plus a well maintained bike that’s not shy of adventure on the wilder side. The event has quite rightly gained a reputation for its challenge and distance, but more for combining these in a route that packed mile after glorious mile of quality of trail. The aches and pains are soon forgotten but the smiles and memories of a great ride remain and are testament to the quality of mountain biking that both the event, and the Dyfi Forest are able to deliver. That’s why so many return, year after year. 

The event

Alongside the riding there is always a warm welcome. Based out of Machynlleth, a small town that also plays host to a popular comedy festival, the location and community are an important part of the event’s story. The event has only been possibly through the warmth and generosity of the local community and it is only through the kind efforts and a mountain of help that the event is possible. In return the event has supported the maintenance and upkeep of local trails, the building of a local pump track and a proportion of ticket entries each year is donated to worthy local causes like supporting the local mountain rescue service.  


More than just riding…

The Mangled Crank Tavern is the location for meeting, socialising and enjoying live music and DJ.

With Luff Buss on hand to supply hot meals, snacks, tea, coffee and cakes and the town just a short walk away with shops, supermarket, cafes, chippy, pubs and restaurants, everything for a great weekend is close to hand. 

One epic ride.

The Dyfi Enduro is a BIG ride. There’s lots of climbing and lots of descending making this a test of both rider skills and fitness. The ride is long and quite technical in places but what awaits you in return is spectacular. Each epic climb rewarded by epic views and epic descents. The scenery on route is spectacular, with (weather permitting) views north towards Southern Snowdonia and South to the Cambrian range. The forest itself is a maze of fine mountain bike trails, offering some of the UK’s best riding. It’s a big day, a huge challenging but the reward is a thrilling ride that offers a truly day of superb mountain bike adventure. 


Example route profiles:


What’s in the woods???

The event is known for its surprises and this year’s event should be no exception, you can expect to encounter a few ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ sites on route which in the past have included cheerleaders, brass bands, thrash brands, gun toting hillbillies, aliens and zombies. 




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My 8th Dyfi, and I've always loved it for the mental descents and the whole laid-back feel of it.

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